Linda Quick’s Artist Resume
July 2005

I have been painting since 1973 on ceramics, fabric,
canvas, porcelain, glass, furniture, wood and walls.

I have signed up for as many classes as I could with
as many teachers as I could.  I learned how to use
acrylics, oils and watercolors and how to mix the

In 2002 I started painting with Elaine Mills at
lunchtime designing my own pictures.  This has led
me to where I am now, painting flowers using
watercolors and acrylics.

I belong to the National Society of Decorative
Painters, the Kansas City Artists Coalition and some
local painting clubs.  

In May 2004 I was in the Philomene Bennett Studios
art show with approximately 20 other artists.

In October 2004 I participated in the city wide Open
Studios in Kansas City.

In September 2005 I was part of a 4 person art show
at the Underground Gallery in Kansas City.

I am spending my time these days constructing my
own designs and I am finding flowers to be my focus.

in Acrylic on canvas
Baby Nidhi

Artist's Resume